Course Curriculum

Six in-depth modules to build your credibility as a front-line supervisor.

In this 3.5 hour interactive course, Safety Communications & Coaching for Supervisors (SCCS) will shift your mindset to become a much better communicator, coach and a trusted influencer with your employees.

Chapter 1: Know Your Role (Free Preview)

This is where many supervisors stumble. Supervisory is what connects front-line employees to the company. Your people are looking to you for some very specific skills that they need you to deliver. (Length 36:33)

(No cost to take Chapter 1. Enjoy the SCCS Free Preview which includes all Summary Sheets and downloadable MP3 audio version. Click "Free Preview" on banner at top of page to get started). 

Chapter 2: Become Premium Brand

There are budget-brand supervisors and premium-brand supervisors. Your people need the best coaching so they can deliver the best performance. That’s premium-brand and it applies to you. (Length 44:01)

Chapter 3: Focus Down, Not Up

As a front-line supervisor, there is one place where you have the greatest amount of influence. Learn the skills and strategies of how to harness it to actually bring your team closer together. (Length 28:53)

Chapter 4: Create An Elite Team

Learn and adopt this performance truth: every high-performance team has a high-performance coach. Learn the tips and strategies for building high-performance teams. (Length 36:03)

Chapter 5: Sell Your Safety Brand

Become more effective at getting your team to not just follow safety protocols, but to actually want to connect to safety as a way of life. It all happens in the ways you communicate safety. (Length 41:01)

Chapter 6: Motivating Employees in Safety

The one thing that brings everything together is motivation. If you don’t have motivation, you will end up with sub-standard morale, complacency in safety, and high levels of staff turnover. (Length 24:36)


Every SCCS module features a video lesson of between 25 and 45 minutes, followed by a short 3-question quiz. Each module also has downloadable Summary Sheets. And for those supervisors who find themselves on the go, each module comes with a companion audio MP3 version of the full video lesson to listen in your vehicle or on the treadmill.


Who this course is for

New to supervisory or experienced, SCCS has value for you

Perhaps you've been moved up into the supervisor's position through either seniority or because you're good at the job. Maybe you've have had no formal supervisory training and now find yourself overseeing the same group of employees who used to be your buddies. Or perhaps you learned all about supervisory from your previous supervisor who didn't have any instruction either. And, now you are responsible for getting your team to follow safety protocols, to work together without conflict, and to meet production deadlines. 

You're not alone. Many supervisors wrestle with their own skill-set and confidence levels just like you. 

Heres the good news. Whether you're relatively new to supervisory or you've been doing it a long time, if you want to be able to act with confidence, to get the trust and respect of your crew, and to raise your credibility as a decent supervisor, Safety Communications & Coaching for Supervisors can help you. 

In this course you will learn: 

  • tools and techniques to make sure you don't make the same mistakes as past supervisors, 
  • how to get better employee buy-in to help them avoid slipping into complacency on the job, 
  • the one key attitude shift that will transform your ability to become an exceptional supervisor,
  • how to get buy-in to your supervisory style and employee buy-in to safety,
  • the tools you need to build a better, cohesive team of people willing to look out for each other,
  • tools and strategies for self-motivation and team motivation,
  • what employees and team members want from their front-line supervisors and from the job.

Supervisors are the key to safe workplaces with excellent morale. That is the skill-set you will start to acquire in Safety Communications & Coaching for Supervisors. Enroll now.

About your instructor, Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns is an international management consultant, recognized speaker on safety, and the author of the bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety

For over thirty years Kevin Burns has been working with companies and organizations helping them to better connect with employees, to get better buy-in to safety and in helping front-line supervisors get more respect and trust while they build their own solid teams.

Kevin's blog is chock full of tips, strategies, tools and techniques to build better and safer workplaces and to get buy-in to the safety programs.